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Bigger Blacker Book

A sexual health and activity tracking app for extremely friendly people
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Version 7.0
A new year is upon us, and we've been spending 2023 bringing you an all new app to support it! We've rebuilt with your security and privacy in mind, but we added a few new things to help you along your friendly journey!

👨🏽‍🦱   Even more details for friend profiles
🧪   Expanded support for STI Testing
📢   Doxy PEP Notifications 
💾  Google Drive Support
💊   Medication Logging  
🔍   Search your friend list by friend profile details 
🔄   Auto Backup
log an encounter each time you see someone 
We make tools for your…
Sexual Encounters

Record who you met, the specific activities you did, and how you felt about it.

Screenings & Treatment


Keep track of STI screenings, review recent interactions, and track treatment steps if something comes up.



Be reminded when you should take medications or get checked out.

Recollection & Reflection


Recall what happened last time and record the preferences and contact details of each friend.

Peace of Mind


Your entered data is only kept locally, and securely or in your Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive account.

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Notify partners if something comes up

Who is making this?

The better Fraternization Foundation


We build tools for you to track and improve your sexual health.

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